• Melody na


  • Industry: technology

    HOME: hong kong

    YEAR: 2021

    MAJOR: computer science & economics




    "Before freshman year, I interned at a hedge fund in Hong Kong as a summer analyst. After freshman year, I interned at the Development Bank of Singapore as a corporate finance summer analyst. Following sophomore year, I worked at a mobile app development company as a product management and software engineering intern. Next summer, I will be joining Microsoft as a Program Manager."



    "Outside of AKPsi, I am a Product Manager for the Cornell Design & Tech Initiative and the Ambassador for a university-focused Venture Capital platform, UpcomingVC. I am also a member of the Global China Connection Business Club. "



    "I am really passionate about sustainability, specifically solar energy and hydroponics. I am also an avid photographer and I love to travel and experience new cultures. "